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Teri Seedorff

Studio Trainer

My name is Teri Seedorff.  I have been married to my husband, Mike, for 27 years.  We have two children – Luke (who will be getting married in the fall of 2017 to Alyssa) and Madison who is a college student. We also have two dogs – a goodledoodle named Remle and a black lab named Hank. Hank competes in dock diving with Ultimate Air Dogs and has qualified for Nationals this fall in Missouri. We thought our days of traveling to watch our kids participate in sports was over and then Hank came along! I have worked as a physical therapist assistant in private practice for the last 17 years.

Through my professional affiliations, I became a Certified Pilates Instructor. I am currently teaching the Butt and Gut classes at FI30. I have been working out at FI30 for approximately 4 years. I love the always challenging, always changing workouts.  I have met some amazing people through FI30 and enjoy meeting new people in both the classes that I take and the classes that I teach. After several knee surgeries and years of chronic pain, I had a total knee replacement in February 2016.. My FI30 family provided me with so much support and encouragement during my recovery. I am forever grateful for FI30 and Sloane.

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