Our Classes

Fit in 30 offers a variety of classes to accommodate a large variety of clientele.  We are located just behind the Secretary of State.  We offer many different classes all designed to target specific problem areas for men and women.  We have all different levels of fitness and all levels are welcome.  We do not use machines.  We use dumbbells, TRX straps, body weight exercises, bands, large balls, ropes, equalizer bars, steps, bosus, medicine balls as well as many other pieces of equipment.

It is proven that in just 10 weeks you gain 3 pounds of lean muscle tissue. The more muscle you have the better your metabolism works, hence the more calories burned. Resistance training should be a part of your exercise program. The beauty of resistance training is the ability to reach all fitness levels just by changing the amount of weight used. Other modifications are available if needed. WE are here for YOU!

This isn't a gym, this is a lifestyle!