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Why choose us?

When I think of what sets us apart from other options for fitness I immediately think about how much fun we have.  We work hard but we also enjoy the people in our groups and have developed a strong support system. When I used to work out in small groups or large classes I never knew the name of the person next to me. In our Studio I introduce everyone by first name, so you have a name to place with the face of the person that is working out next to you. The women help each other, encourage each other and push each other. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen one of the ladies hand the next lady the same weights that she did just to encourage her to take it up a notch.

The ladies are what make our studio great. The program itself is always changing, growing and I am continually researching new exercises to target the problem areas on women. We have sculpting sessions that truly help change the shape of your body. The program works, the 30 minute time fits into busy schedules and the enthusiasm of the teachers carry over to the ladies working out. We are positive, productive and small enough to make sure everyone gets personal attention without the high cost.

Amazing Support

What we love most about our studio is the support between members. Everyone is here to work hard, motivate one another, and have fun!

Personalized Experience

The second best thing about our studio is the flexibility to adapt our workouts to your abilities and help coach you to achieve results.

Online Only

$ 40
  • No Commitment
  • Extra Support if Needed for Modifications
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • Fit in 30 Class Options for Home
  • Bonus Ab & Glute Videos for Extra Toning