Circuit Plus

Our 30 minute Circuit Classes are the primary staple of our gym. The workouts are designed by the staff and geared towards our client’s needs. You are getting personal training without the high cost. We change the muscle groups we work daily and we incorporate extra toning to be done before class. Workouts include current exercise strategies to improve strength and definition. We do not use machines. Our facility has free weights, TRX straps, bands, tubes, balls, more balls, step 360’s, steps, kettle bells and much more. We have certified instructors that facilitate the small group circuits. We correct form and provide modifications when needed. Muscle improves your metabolism, balance and overall health, so WE NEED MUSCLE.

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What to expect

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30 Minutes

This class is typically taught in 30 minutes slots.

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Beginner - Advanced

This class is great for any age at any strength level.

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Certified Trainers

All classes are taught by certified fitness pros!

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